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The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt Part 6 – Walkthrough/Playthrough

Still side questing and having some laughs with Brad. Enjoy peeps!


The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt Part 5 – Walkthrough/Playthrough

Time for some side questing! Enjoy peeps!

Fable 2 – A Gunslinger’s Tale

This video comes from IGN¬†and shows just how amazing Fable 2 is going to be especially now that you can use guns alongside swords and magic. I think i just wet myself from excitment…oh wait, yes i did.

New Spiderman Web Of Shadows Trailer

This just makes the game look even better, i want it i want it i want it! This is seriously looking like its going to be the best superhero game there is, i can’t wait!

Fable 2 Trailer and Footage

This game is gonna be buff and you know it!

Fallout 3 Official Trailer

The idea for this game is awesome, the game looks awesome and if you buy this you’ll be awesome. Some gameplay footage to follow after this trailer:

Midway/TNA Impact Trailer

I think this could be the best wrestling game at the moment. Check out the trailer: