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Dungeons & Douches Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the magical world of Dungeons & Douches. In this podcast we have Piers as the Dungeon Master and he introduces Dizz, Brad, J and Josh to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Can our heroes save the day? My money is on no, because their douches.


Enter Kazoo-Man!

The Kazoo has always been the greatest musical instrument in my eyes and one that i’m partically awesome at playing. But this guy (Mister Tim) on his own takes it to the next level with their rendition of Metallicas ‘Enter Sandman’

Awesome…Awesome to the max.

How Can She Slap?

Thats a great question Mr headline but it looks like the guy below had his own answer, if she slaps then slap right back but twice as hard!

Ok, so the gun shot might have been editted in but still…that was a pretty hardcore slap…kinda reminds me of something else?…

All I Can Say Is…WTF?!?!?

This animation is brought to you by Tim Farrell (of e-mail cartoon and jesus was a dinosaur fame) and to be honest, this is just messed up but funny. See for yourself:

E-mail Cartoon

Ok, this is old…but i love it, i was just going through all the files on my work pc and i came across this. When i first got sent this i couldn’t stop watching it. I find this very amusing.