I’m Back With A New Schedule!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and of course, you bunch of Douchebags.

How are you all doing? Don’t all answer at once, i can’t understand what you’re all saying. I’ll just assume you’re all good. I’m glad.

I’m back from my holiday, it was nice and relaxing. Just what i needed really. While i was away i worked on my new schedule which will be the following:

MONDAY – Play to Win – 2 Player versus in a game where you must compete for the letters W, I and N. Once you get to WIN, you win. Simple.

TUESDAY – Full Play – This will feature myself (SSJLogan/Dizz) as i play through and complete a game. I will be recording 2 at the same time which will alternate from week to week.

WEDNESDAY – 10MFA – This basically stands for 10 Minute Fuck Around. Any game, no agenda. Just general fucking around. Will involve fails, achievements and most likely lots of rage.

THURSDAY – We Play – A 2 player version of a Full Play featuring myself (SSJLogan/Dizz) and Natty as we play through whatever games we can find that have 2 player co-op.

FRIDAY – 4Play – Not that kind of 4play, perverts. This will be 4 player arcade gaming which will always feature myself (SSJLogan/Dizz) and a mixed line up of my good friends.

EVERY OTHER SUNDAY – Dungeons and Douches Podcast – Nothing to do with console gaming but a podcast relating to our DnD gaming. Audio file only but will be uploading to YouTube as well as other places. Listen as we fuck around in the world of DnD. (No confirmed starting date for this yet but 4 episodes have already been recorded)

So there you have it my fellow D-Bags. My new schedule. I will try to keep to it so I better start recording tonight i guess.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to watch the videos when they come out.

Bye Bye.



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