Gadget Of The Weeeeeeeeeek! Fisticups!


Are you that guy that goes to hit someone with a mug after recieveing bad news only for the mug to slip out your hand and fly off in a different direction and leave you looking stupid. WELL NOW YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! With the new fisticups Mug, you’ll be able to hit that office chump everytime without fail!

With the super ‘brass knuckle’ grip you’ll never feel the mug slipping away again. Word of advice though, buy a couple, once you break one over someones face you’ll probably want to do it again. NOTE TO READERS: I dont promote violence in the office place and this mug isn’t really for hitting people unless they really REALLY piss you off.

Avaliable from mid-september from most gadget web-sites for the price of $15.


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