Fan-Made Thundercats Trailer Deserves An Oscar!

This fan made trailer used the likes of Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel but with the power of frame by frame photoshopping, they have been transformed into the deadliest cats known to man…THUNDERCATS! The amount of work this guy put into this awesome trailer, i think he deserves an Oscar. Probably the best fan made trailer i’ve ever seen, and it makes me wish i was at home watching Thundercats now.


2 responses to “Fan-Made Thundercats Trailer Deserves An Oscar!

  1. OMFG!
    That was AWESOME!

  2. That is awesome…..

    i wish there was a live action on the way now! and i think this guy has cast it well!

    although vin diesel as Panthra? Panthra was a black guy, lol, Chris Judge perhaps?

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