When Hellboy Made Love To Hot Toys, Awesomeness Was Born!


These are the features straight from the Hot Toys website:

– Stands approximately 12 inches tall
– Capturing the likeness of actor Ron Pearlman as Hellboy
– Hot Toys developed muscle figure body with over 28 points of articulation featuring caved occult symbol on Hellboy’s right shoulder
– Bendable tail with wire inside
– “Right arm doom” with bendable fingers
– Trench coat
– Leather-like black pants
– Leather-like utility belt complete with multiple pouches and a buckle featuring B.P.R.D. Logo
– Black boots
– Detailed Big Baby with removable bullets
– Detailed “Samartian” gun with embedded a B.P.R.D symbol on the gun handle with removable bullets
– Interchangeable right hand
– Interchangeable left hand
– figure stand featuring Hellboy II logo and Hellboy nameplate.

All i can say is YES YES YES! Just like i said my last post…Christmas is coming up…hint hint. But anyways, check out these other pictures of the awesome Hellboy figure <*cough* Christmas *cough*>. (also i realise that this isn’t out before Christmas…but can be pre-ordered ^_^ )

hellboyhot2     hellboyhot3     hellboyhot4


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