Dethklok Will Rock Your Face Off!

Dethklok come from the cartoon ‘Metalocalypse‘ and is without a doubt Adult Swims best programme. Created by Brendon Small who also created my favourite cartoon Home Movies. Metalocalypse is about how Dethklok, being the worlds greatest metal band can in fact change the world while being stupid metallers.

They’re by far the greatest cartoon metal band of all time and have even had an album that debuted at #21 in the Billboard charts in the US. My favourite character would have to be the bassist called William Murderface as he’s just a dick who hates everyone and occasionally wears a ‘hardcore’ cod-piece. This programme also features the voice talents of Mark Hamill and Malcom McDowell.

Season 1 and 2 are out to buy now but only region 1.


One response to “Dethklok Will Rock Your Face Off!

  1. That hotdog bit was awesome. I might have to catch it on this ‘TV’ that I have in my room.

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