Avengers vs The Hulk?

Straight from MTV’s Splashpage ‘Iron Man’ writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby agree with ‘The Hulk’ director Louis Leterrier in his quest for The Hulk to be the villain in the ‘Avengers’ movie. In my honest opinion i couldn’t agree more, i think it would be a fantastic idea (as long as they dont make it anything like the Avengers cartoon movie which blew). In pretty much all superhero films you have a villain who’s a mad scientist or just crazy or just so happened to fall in a vat of acid etc…

But in this case you’ll have The Hulk (who has fought pretty much every hero in comics already) who is just a lost soul and not sure how to deal with his rage so there can be awesome moments where he’s beating down on Iron Man and then moments where Bruce Banner (The Hulk) is spilling his guts out to Captain America about how he needs help. I think The Hulk as the villain would be the perfect choice. They could then throw The Sentry in to the Avengers as he is the only man The Hulk will listen to. But hey, thats just my opinion. And i also apologise as i went on a bit of a geek rant there, i do that from time to time.


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