Batman 3 Rumors Laid To Rest

That’s right folks, Batman screenwriter David Goyer himself had 2 things to say; 1) Its ALL B.S. and 2) ALL OF IT! So there you have it, Batman will NOT start filming in early 2009, NO word of any villains yet, this means NO Johnny Depp as Riddler OR Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin (yet), DEFINATELY NO CHER AS CATWOMAN and also NO CONFIRMATION on Nolan signing on to do the third film.

But there’s still gonna be loads of rumors flying around so I’m taking it upon myself to start another one…<clearing throat>…ready? Ok, George Clooney wants to come back and not only be Batman again but also Alfred, Robin and Batgirl…you heard it here first.


One response to “Batman 3 Rumors Laid To Rest

  1. questionentertainment

    There was a rumor that Bob Hoskins was going to play the Penguin in The Dark Knight. Noland was asked about it and said that he would not put such a silly and unrealistic character in his movies. That helps weed out any rumors about the Penguin and probably anybody suggesting actors for characters like Killer Crock. There was also a rumor that Johnny Depp was going to play the Joker. So I think any rummer with him is just recycled from last time around. I’m sure that once “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” starts advertising, where not only Depp, but Colin Farrell and Jude Law fill in for Heath Ledger we will then see rumors all over the place that one of those three will be playing the Joker in the next Bat man Film. Really, most of these seem to be Fan Boys hopping to be able to say “I did that” when the movie comes out.

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