DSi Would Be Better Than iPhone…If It Was A Phone

So i haven’t even had my DS for a freakin year and they come out with this bad boy. The console, called the Nintendo DSi, can be used to take photos, download games and play music. The DSi will go on sale in Japan on Nov 1, and will be available to European gamers in spring 2009.

“We want to change the DS from something that’s in every household to something that’s for every person,” said Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata.

He said that the new console could be the very first toy camera for a child, as well as tool for social communication and networking. The DSi has two 0.3-megapixel cameras, and a slightly larger screen than its predecessor, along with a thinner form factor. It will feature a memory card slot, so that gamers can play music saved on a SD card through the device. However, Nintendo has removed the GameBoy Advance cartridge slot on the DSi that made previous versions of the DS backwards-compatible with GameBoy games. Nintendo’s decision to release an updated version of the DS is seen in part as a response to the threat posed by Apple, whose iPhone and iPod touch music players feature motion-sensing technology and can also be used to play computer games on the go.


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