New Dragonball Manga and Anime Series?

This came from some unknown saying that this was announced in a FOX 2009 prospectus (i hate FOX) so please just take this as a rumor and if it is true then definately don’t get your hopes up because FOX like to ruin everything you love.

This is the rumored statement:

‘The film is in final stages, 90 minutes long, likely PG-13, first in an on-going series. Major video game adaptation out next year, leading comic book company publishing new manga series based on movie. New animated television series in development.’

A new game i can buy as they throw 1 out per year anyways but with a story thats completely finished can FOX really release another manga/anime based on the series/movie? I surely hope not. GT did enough to ruin the dragonball name so lets just leave it at that.


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