Meet The Villians

No its not another crappy Ben Stiller/Robert De Niro film, im talking about the villians of the hit show Heroes. Here’s a picture of the villian line-up:

And here’s the who’s who from left to right:

Ken Lally as The German (Power: Can manipulate steel.), David H. Lawrence as Eric Doyle (Power: A puppeteer who can make people do whatever he wants.), Jamie Hector as Benjamin “Knox” Washington (Power: Gains strength by feeding off the fears of those around him.), Blake Shields as Flint (Power: Can shoot blue fire from his hands.), Francis Capra as Jesse Murphy (Power: Can project concussive power through the use of his voice.),  Andre Royo as Stephen Canfield (Power: Unknown), Demetrius Grosse as Samedi (Power: Unknown).


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