Top 5 Female Halloween Costumes…woop!

Ok, without being perverted at all, here are my top 5 female fancy dress costumes for halloween. Also found on

5) Black Widow – Can you imagine what a woman might eventually do to you one day with 2 arms? Will how about imagining what a woman could do to you with 8 arms! oh the wonders…plus my girlfriend has this costume…hot!!!

4) Alice in Wonderland – Well heeeellllllllllllo Alice. W…Er…H…sorry, i need to clean the drool off of me.

3) Lara Croft – If your a man and say you haven’t thought about this then YOUR A LIAR!

2) Female Ghostbuster – I saw this and i promised myself i wouldn’t cry <sob>

1) Batgirl – All that comes to mind is: Nananananananana BATGIRL! A girl wore this to a party i went to once and yes, i cried and then i thanked her and went home.


P.s. If my girlfriend is reading this, i love you.


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