Top 5 Male Halloween Costumes

All taken from Check out the pictures below.

5) Muscle Bound Superman – Anyone can wear the colours but it takes a real man to admit he needs to wear the muscles too! Plus it just looks awesome.

4) Ghostbuster – Ever since i was a kid i’ve always wanted to be a Ghostbuster, and now i can. Get ready ghosts, your going to be busted! (Has that been said before?)

3) Penfold – Who doesn’t wanna be the sidekick to a mutated overgrown mouse with an eye patch?

2) Fatboy Spiderman – Who better to come save the day than your friendly neighbourhood fat spider thingy. Its just a funny costume.

1) Thor – Only cause i have this costume and its totally kick ass. The helmet is the best part of the whole costume.


Tomorrow you’ll get female halloween costume (and believe me, there’re more for the men…erm…lol)


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