Heroes Season 3!…(spoilers)

Boy oh boy, right now all i can do is smile for the sheer fact that Heroes is back in my life. Ok, so season 2 wasn’t what it was meant to be and probably steered a lot of people away from the show but boy did they come back better than ever. With a 2 hour special they had enough time to set up the storyline for season 3, and they sure as hell did. Turns out that Peter Petrelli from the future came back to kill Nathan Petrelli and stopped the present Peter Petrelli by putting his soul in the body of a locked up criminal (that was a mouthful). But with the future Peter Petrelli coming back it only meant that the future will now change, for the worse. We managed to get a glimpse of the future via finding out Angela Petrellis power…she can see into the future, duh. So she sees a line-up of villians after having killed all of our heroes, in this line-up was…dumdum duuuuuum, the return of Adam! I love that character. Also in this episode we see Sylar finally get his hands on Clare and of course he takes her power by poking around in her brain. But when Clare asks ‘Are you going to eat my brain?’ Syalr simply says ‘Thats disgusting’, so we’re still to find out how he actually does it. But in doing this he reveals that Clare can never die and now he can’t either. Now Clares only problem is that she can’t feel any pain (but she wanted to cause it was the only thing that makes her feel human, emo).

You also see Hiro take a glimpse of the future only to find out that Ando (His best friend) not only has superpowers (looked liked Ryu’s haduken attack) but he also used them to kill Hiro…i know what your thinking…oooooooooh (i thought the same). Just after Hiro dies you see the whole of Tokyo crumble in clouds of smoke. Hiro’s dad leaves him with half a formula (that Hiro wasn’t actually meant to have) that in the wrong hands could mean the end of the world, and guess what? He loses it to another new villian  who is a lady speedster. Anways, i don’t wanna end up giving it all away but also at the end of the second episode Angela Petrelli reveals to Sylar that she is his mother (WOWOWOWOW, i need to sit down) which means obviously he is the brother of Peter and Nathan. Ok, Im confused now. So if you guys are annoyed that i gave all this away then just look at the title, it says ‘spoilers’.


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