Comic Censorship Hits A New Low…

Can you tell me whats wrong with this picture? No its not the half moon/half brainiac thing in the background, its not that Clark Kent looks like his about to bitch slap his old man and it isn’t the women perving over the men from afar. I’ll tell you what it is…SUPERMAN IS DRINKING A BEER! Let me tell you a little secret…Superman is over 21, he’s allowed to drink a beer…on another note, beer wouldn’t even affect him! Now if you look on the image below you’ll see that the beer label has been replaced (by diamond comics) with a label simply saying ‘Soda Pop’ erm…are we back in 1950? What flavour is Soda Pop anyways? As of yet, none of the originals have appeared on e-bay but im still keeping a look out for one.


One response to “Comic Censorship Hits A New Low…

  1. “OMG, Supaman’s drnking beer! I guna copy him coz he so kool and get fcking drunk!”
    lmao, this is fucking hilarious! xD

    Soda Pop’s an English way of saying fizzy drink.

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