Comic Buy of the Year

I’ll tell you why this is the buy of the year. Its cause it only lasted 5 minutes on comic book shelves in America and didn’t even reach any other country. This series written by Frank Miller and drawn by the ever so amazing artist Jim Lee (his work is awesome), has quite a rough edge to it and takes Batman down the road he originally walked, he beats the hell outta people and swears like mad while he does it. Now the problem with this issue is that the printers forgot to put censor bars on all the fowl language, and believe me…there’s a LOT of bad language. Once Diamond Distributors learned of this news they pulled all the issues back while they could, only they were a little late. Now kids in the good ol’ US of A are making a mint on e-bay selling these, i should know cause i just spent £30 on one myself. Damn kids…


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