WWE Unforgiven 2009 Recap

So 1 night and 3 Championship Scramble matches. Basically a championship scramble match is a 20 minute match with 5 people, 2 start then 1 enters every 5 minutes after and once the final competitor has entered there’s only 5 minutes left. Anyone can win the title during this 20 minutes but the person with the title at the end of the 20 minutes has won the match. Not such a bad idea for a match and it gives the lower class wrestlers a chance to shine.

First match of the night was the ECW World Championship Scramble. I cant this title even below the Diva title. But in the end Matt Hardy won to become the new Diva…i mean ECW Champion, not such a bad match but for a pointless title.

Next it was The Tag Team Title match between Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase and Cryme Tyme. Average match by average wrestlers. Cody/Ted retained.

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho…2 of the best wrestlers of all time and they had a blinder of a match, an amazing effort by both people and the match ended by KO when Jericho couldn’t move after a million punches to the face from Michaels, very emotional match up.

Next was the WWE Championship match. The clear winner in this match for me was The Brain Kendrick, he looked like an absolute superstar and won the title twice. Jeff Hardy had the belt won until 3 second left when Triple H won it back, who would have guessed that??? Good match but predictable finish.

Big Show then moans about Vicky Guerrero, Undertaker comes to ‘destroy’ her soul, Big Show turns on Taker and him and Guerrero leave together, another pointless turn storyline.

The Diva title match…didn’t watch, don’t care.

The World Heavyweight Championship Match! the one i waited all night to watch. Due to CM Punk being taken out by Randy Orton and his new croonies (Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and one of the Wild Samoans kids) he was unable to defend his title. So It was Batista, Kane, Mysterio, JBL and a mystery replacement for CM Punk. So the match went on and on and on, same old stuff, same boring wrestlers when the final buzzer went and out came CHRIS JERICHO! totally battered and only entered the ring once to just get knocked out again. In the final seconds Batista was going to win but had his back turned whil Jericho got the pin with 1 second left. YES YES YES! Finally Jericho is the champion again as he deserves it more than anyone else. Everyone else looks shocked, show ends.

All round i thought the show was watchable but only for the Michaels vs Jericho and Scramble matches


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