Deadpool Movie? A new Daredevil Movie?


So FOX are on the move again to ruin more Marvel Characters, this time it could be the bargin bin for Deadpool who is bound to be played by Ryan Reynolds after his appearence in the new Wolverine movie. I think Deadpool does deserve his own film but i know FOX will poop on it. As for Daredevil, i didn’t think the first one was so bad, but maybe a re-vamp should be done, it done wonders for the Hulk.


2 responses to “Deadpool Movie? A new Daredevil Movie?

  1. Deadpool movie could be good…

    btw, re-vamp? uhm… uh?

  2. rainingcrowfan

    rumored deadpool poster on the first page… looks good to me

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