Mark Miller is my new hero!

Can this man do any wrong at the moment? Not only has he got great comic books out at the moment (Old Man Logan, Kick Ass and the upcoming Ultimates 3) as well as great comic books already to his name (Civil War, Ultimates 2, Wanted) but this man is about to hit the movie world in a BIG way.

With the success of Wanted at the box office (wasn’t a blockbuster hit but only cost $17m to make and made back about $90m, thats sounds pretty good to me) he has been asked to start writing short stories on what he’d like Wanted 2 to be about. Not only this but his other creater-owned comic Kick Ass is also in the casting stages to be on the big screen. Already signed for Kick Ass is Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson and Lyndsey Fonseca with Matthew Vaughn Directing. Its to be filmed in London and Toronto.

But the biggest news being that he could be the man to save the Superman film franchise having being asked to write the film if Bryan Singer pulls out. Lets hope this happens as Miller has already stated that his got planned a 7 hour Superman adventure that would be broken down into 3 films, much like LOTR. I need this to happen.

Mark Miller…marry me.


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