Goodbye My Love

Just so you know, im a big fanboy of Dragonball, DBZ and even the quite poor but sometimes enjoyable DBGT. When news struck of the movie finally being made i decided it was my duty as said fanboy to cry like a baby for hours on end to my girlfriend at how happy i am. Now i cry on the phone to her for hours on end at how badly FOX are going to ruin it. Here’s one of the reasons why:

Are they serious?!?!? Piccolo is not white. FOX’s reason for this is that they are bored of people portraying aliens as green…Listen to these facts now FOXY!: 1) Everyone knows that Piccolo is green so leave him green. 2) The Main characters of the anime (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks…whom are all white) are ALL ALIENS! Well…Gohan and Trunks are half aliens anyways. Here’s a picture i found that shows the lovechild of James Marsters and Shrek and it looks a lot more like Piccolo than what FOXPOO came up with.

Is it really that hard FOX?

My other main reason for boycotting this movie is they have refused to put Krillin in the film. I dont get how they can leave out the main characters best friend? Krillin was the strongest of all the human fighters in the anime and was in pretty much every single episode.

FOX, you have broken my heart.


One response to “Goodbye My Love

  1. LMAOOO…I feel your sorrow man. …just saw the trailer and it’s complete utter trash! typical hollywood bs…son goku and piccolo sama deserve better! another beautiful japanese masterpiece is ruined…

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